Office & Section

Office of the Honorable Vice Chancellor
Name Designation Mobile Email
Prof. Dr. M. Kamruzzaman Honorable Vice Chancellor, HSTU +8801912980044 [email protected]
Mohiuddin Ahmed Assistant Registrar +8801712787578 [email protected]
Mohammad Shamsuzzoha Badsha PS to VC and Section Officer +880-531-61322, +8801711479911 [email protected]
Office of the Treasurer
Prof. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Haldar Treasurer +8801715057495 [email protected]
Md. Abdul Manik PA to Treasurer +8801774910729 [email protected]
Office of the Registrar
Dr. Md. Fazlul Hoque Registrar +8801750090458 [email protected]
Md. Muniruzzaman PA to Registrar and Administrative Officer +8801717975849 [email protected]
Establishment Section
Kbd. Ferdous Alam Deputy Director +8801711062629 [email protected]
Dr. Afrin Akhter Deputy Registrar +8801713440469 [email protected]
Md. Majibar Rahman Deputy Registrar +8801722255260 [email protected]
Md. Alamgir Kabir Assistant Registrar +8801713163374 [email protected]
Nishat Akther Jahan Assistant Registrar +8801713163376 [email protected]
Kbd A.B.M Sohel Mahmud Assistant Registrar +8801718673727 [email protected]
Shahanaz Sultana Assistant Registrar +8801744674834 --
Md. Mobaydul Kabir Section Officer +8801737718605 [email protected]
Polash Chandra Ray Section Officer +8801737888607 [email protected]
Md. Murshed Hasan Khan Estate Officer +8801729092222 [email protected]
Md. Jennat Hossain Chowdhury Administrative Officer +8801713163415 --
Md. Jahangir Hossain Administrative Officer +8801914929132 [email protected]
Mst. Rahana Parvin Administrative Officer +8801712599375 [email protected]
Mst. Ashrafun Nesa Administrative Officer +8801736692908 --
Academic and Stipend Section
Kbd Md. Rafiqul Islam Chowdhury Deputy Registrar +8801712365597 [email protected]
Kbd. Mst. Tanjina Islam Deputy Registrar +8801716286472 [email protected]
Jakia Sarmin Assistant Registrar +8801816521810 --
Miss Tania Afroz Assistant Registrar +8801751249424 [email protected]
Kbd. Bharati Rani Kundu Assistant Registrar +8801721898662 [email protected]
Mst. Aysha Siddika Section Officer +8801722937501 [email protected]
Md. Mostafa Tarek Chowdhury Estate Officer +8801717620604
Shahina Akhter Administrative Officer +8801710044766 --
Md. Jahangir Alam-1 Administrative Officer +8801767440837 --
Shakila Aktar Administrative Officer +8801718844202 --
Council Section
Kbd Md. Anwar Sadat Deputy Registrar +8801720618404 [email protected]
Sanjit Kumar Gupta Assistant Registrar +8801727219993 [email protected]
Md. Mokkim Uddin Sarker Administrative Officer +8801716829007 [email protected]
Md. Motaher Hossain Administrative Officer +8801715361703 [email protected]
Engineering Section
Md. Tariqul Islam Superintendent Engineer +8801712772207 --
Engr. Md. Salimullah Superintendent Engineer (Mechanical) +8801714570135 [email protected]
Md. Chand Ali Superintendent Engineer +8801780815316 [email protected]
Md. Faruque Ahmed Executive Engineer (Electrical) +8801713163362 [email protected]
Md. Abdur Razzaque Executive Engineer (Civil) +8801713163363 [email protected]
Engr. Md. Rakib Mohan Assistant Engineer (Electrical) +8801737373810 [email protected]
Md. Asaduzzaman Chowdhury Sub. Assistant Engineer (Electrical) +8801925123453 --
Md. Abdul Motalab Administrative Officer +8801914958443 --
Razu Ahmed Administrative Officer +8801714941965 [email protected]
Md. Nur Alam Administrative Officer +8801713163391 --
Accounts Section
Md. Mizanur Rahman Director (Additional Charge) +8801712691906 [email protected]
S.M. Abdul Alim Assistant Director +8801710134935 [email protected]
Md. Tanvir Haider Assistant Director +8801718139596 [email protected]
Ratan Kumar Gupta Assistant Registrar +8801712681384 [email protected]
Md. Abu Jafar Assistant Director +8801718617408 [email protected]
Nilufa Yasmin Assistant Director +8801712491767 --
Suraya Akhter Assistant Director +8801710047742 --
Md. Imteaj Zubair Assistant Director +8801717999570 [email protected]
Muhammad Sultan Mahmud Section Officer +8801716205792 [email protected]
Md. Byezid Hossain Accounts Officer +8801737049546
Md. Momenul Huq Accounts Officer +8801738755969 [email protected]
A.K.M Monirul Islam Assistant Accounts Officer +8801718836209 [email protected]
Md. Zulfiker Ali Assistant Accounts Officer +8801721566679 [email protected]
Md. Tasiqul Islam Assistant Accounts Officer +8801713163388 [email protected]
Md. Saheen Parvaz Assistant Accounts Officer +8801946337650 --
Md. Rokeybul Islam Assistant Accounts Officer +8801719512281 [email protected]
Bilkis Begum Administrative Officer +8801792038824 --
Md. Jahangir Alom Administrative Officer +8801516778497 --
Md. Abdul Gofur Administrative Officer +8801718844348 --
Md. Kamal Hossain Administrative Officer +8801718319913 [email protected]
Mst. Shamima Akhter Poly Administrative Officer +8801725677157 --
Md. Nayum Ali Administrative Officer +8801718910828 [email protected]
Mst. Toslima Akhter Shobnom Banu Administrative Officer +8801720513693 [email protected]
Public Relations and Publication Section
Prof. Dr. Sripati Sikder Director (Aditional Charge) +8801715204206 [email protected]
Md. Rashed Faruq Public Relation Officer +8801716324827 [email protected]
K.B.M Muhiuddin Nur Planning/Development Officer +8801751261570 [email protected]
Md. Mosharaf Hossain Administrative Officer +8801912247011 [email protected]
Md. Mostafijur Rahman Photographer +8801727219989 [email protected]
Examination Control Section
Prof. Dr. Md. Saifur Rahman Controller Of Examinations (Additional Charge) +8801713163315 [email protected]
Bilkis Banu Deputy Controller Of Examinations +8801712532989 [email protected]
Kbd Md. Nur-A-Alam* Deputy Controller Of Examinations +8801731990569 [email protected]
Kbd Most. Anjuman Ara Luna Deputy Controller Of Examinations +8801712314309 --
Md. Rabiul Islam Deputy Registrar +8801712141144 [email protected]
Kbd. Dr. Md. Mosfeq-Ul-Hasan* Assistant Controller Of Examinations +8801314690193 [email protected]
Hitendu Roy (Topu) Assistant Controller Of Examinations +8801712183017 [email protected]
Mrs. Sanjida Sajrin Assistant Controller Of Examinations +8801718949789 --
Abida Sultana Assistant Controller Of Examinations +8801729735455 --
Aditi Rani Assistant Controller Of Examinations +8801732185813 [email protected]
Md. Nuruzzaman Sobhan Shawon Junior Programmer +8801740345666 [email protected]
Md. Moshiur Rahman Junior Programmer +8801718288565 [email protected]
Rejina Akhter Section Officer +8801725949982 --
A.K.M Imtiaz Faruk (Pintu) Administrative Officer +8801711142092 [email protected]
Rebaka Sultana Administrative Officer +8801715748279 --
Md. Farhad Hossain(Badol) Administrative Officer +8801783824187 [email protected]
Md. Sirajul Islam Administrative Officer +8801726841857 [email protected]
Ruma Begum Administrative Officer +8801758226833 --
Farhana Haider Administrative Officer +8801758980020 --
Md. Zakir Hussain Network Technician +8801719462664 [email protected]
Transport and Repair Maintenance Section
Prof. Dr. Md. Mofijul Islam Director (Transport) +8801318065285 [email protected]
Md. Abdul Wahed Executive Engineer (Mechanical) +8801716678871
Md. Abdul Kuddus Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) +8801912272352
Shafiel Islam Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) +8801742699569 [email protected]
Ahmed Ali (Babu) Administrative Officer +8801719042533
Institute of Research & Training (IRT)
Prof. Dr. S.M. Harun-ur-Rashid Director (Additional Charge) +8801716837362 [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Begum Fatema Zohara Associate Director +8801716051461 [email protected]
Kbd. Md. Nazrul Islam Deputy Director +8801797698414 [email protected]
Md. Shahjahan Mondol Assistant Director +8801718646397 [email protected]
Bratati Roy Research/Scientific Officer +8801741662620 [email protected]
Mst. Morzina Fancy Administrative Officer +8801732676661
Medical Center
Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Chief Medical Officer +8801713163357
Dr. Md. Anowar Hossain Deputy Chief Medical Officer +8801838580841
Dr. Debdulal Roy Senior Medical Officer +8801823680846
Dr. Md. Korban Ali Senior Medical Officer +8801776804506
Dr. Md. Faisal Nahian Medical Officer +8801715137700
Dr. Sadia Afrin Medical Officer +8801550607408
Md. Abdur Rahim Administrative Officer +8801718314098
Runa Akhter Chowdhury Administrative Officer +8801712926903
Audit Cell
Mohammad Deluar Hossain Deputy Director(Audit) +8801715577376 [email protected]
Md. Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal Deputy Director(Audit) +8801721075118
Md. Latiful Alam Assistant Director +8801714514510
Md. Masud Rana Audit Superintendent +8801746296150
Md Ziaur Rahman Audit Superintendent +8801733824363 [email protected]
Planning, Development and Works Section
Prof. Dr. A.T.M. Shafiqul Islam Director (Additional charge) +8801717110365 [email protected]
Md. Nazrul Islam Deputy Director +8801720689206 [email protected]
Muhammad Marzanul Islam Assistant Director +8801721011008 [email protected]
Md. Sohel Rana Planning/Development Officer +8801747161104 [email protected]
Md. Reaz Zahid Administrative Officer +8801718066558 [email protected]
Md. Sohel Zaman Administrative Officer +8801716598602 [email protected]
Central Farm
S. H. M Golam Sarwar Deputy Cheif Farm Superintendent +8801713163365 [email protected]
Md. Ahsan Kabir Farm Superintendent +8801718770220 [email protected]
Md. Ayub Nabi Mondal Assistant Curator +8801713163367 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Nahid Hossain Veterinary Surgeon +8801773234928 [email protected]
Md. Atiar Hossen Sub Assistant Farm Supervisor +8801710556083 [email protected]
Central Library
Prof. Dr. Bhabendra Kumar Biswas Librarian (Additional Charge) +8801741461882 [email protected]
Md. Abdur Rauf Bin Abedin Deputy Librarian +8801762969999 [email protected]
Uttam Kumar Roy Documentation Officer +8801738316657 [email protected]
Mosammat Julekha Banu Senior Cataloguer +8801731521442
Mst. Rokeya Begum Senior Cataloguer +8801717447956 [email protected]
A.K.M. Harisul Islam Senior Cataloguer +8801712151511 [email protected]
Md. Khalilur Rahman Senior Cataloguer +8801719042955 [email protected]
Anowara Hossain Administrative Officer +8801716048903
Md. Abu Syem Administrative Officer +8801717527379
Mst. Sultana Razia Administrative Officer +8801715108402
Samsun Nahar Administrative Officer +8801722114447
Estate and Central Store Section
Kbd Md. Jafar Ali Deputy Registrar +8801718138447 [email protected]
Md. Mostahidul Assistant Registrar +8801712271049
Swapon Kumar Barmon Estate Officer +8801725619500 [email protected]
Md. Mehedul Islam Administrative Officer +8801731926237
Security Section
Md. Khairul Alam Security Officer +8801729115026 -
Md. Mahamudul Hasan Security Officer +8801717868453 -
Md. Jahangir Alam Administrative Officer +8801714691543
Central Mosque
Hafez Qari Mawlana Md. Elias Hossain Senior Pesh Imam +8801916508748
Md. Nurul Alam Moyajjin
Physical Education Section
Prof. Dr. Md. Mahabub Hossain Director (Additional Charge) +8801716729015 [email protected]
Md. Mahabub-Ul- Hasan Deputy Director +8801714229664 [email protected]
Student Affairs & Advisory Division
Prof. Dr. Imran Parvez Director (Acting) +8801914503031 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Hassanur Rahman Assistant Director +8801719468999 [email protected]
Md. Abdul Momin Sheikh Assistant Director +8801719539257 [email protected]
Mohammad Main Uddin Assistant Director +8801723656862 [email protected]
Md. Mizanur Rahman Assistant Director +8801728291232 [email protected]
Md. Mahabur Rahman Chowdhury Student Welfare Officer (Assistant Director) +8801716696914 [email protected]
Md. Zahidur Rahman Amin Administrative Officer +8801712778400 [email protected]
Md. Mamunur Rashid Administrative Officer +8801717589749 [email protected]
Proctor Section
Prof. Dr. Md. Mamunur Rashid Proctor (Additional Charge) +8801716994878 [email protected]
Md. Shihabul Awal Assistant Proctor +8801719043912 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam Assistant Proctor +8801737187019 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Yeasin Prodhan Assistant Proctor +88-01312090999 [email protected]
Md. Asadur Rahman Administrative Officer +8801718675518
Sheikh Russel Hall
Dr. Md. Rashedul Islam Hall Super +8801711020045 [email protected]
Md. Shazadur Rahman Assistant Hall Super +8801721201178 [email protected]
Md. Rashedul Haque Assistant Hall Super +881738283091 [email protected]
Sheik Istiak Md. Shahriar Assistant Hall Super +8801779898272 [email protected]
Ahmed Tarique Iqbal Assistant Accounts Officer +8801716097140
Md. Mahbubul Alam Administrative Officer +8801716618298
Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman Hall
Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Rabbani Hall Super +8801717226779 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Sultan Mahomud Assistant Hall Super +8801722313690 [email protected]
Md. Mostafizur Rahman Assistant Hall Super +8801717714767 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam Assistant Hall Super +8801737187019 [email protected]
Sumonto Sarker Assistant Hall Super +8801719347294 [email protected]
Md. A. Salam Administrative Officer +8801715717633
Md. Younis Ali Administrative Officer +8801762892382
Tajuddin Ahmad Hall
Dr. Md. Shaha Nur Kabir Hall Super +8801737676930 [email protected]
A.S.M. Mahbubur Rahman Assistant Hall Super +8801717027597 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Hosne Mobarak Mithu Assistant Hall Super +8801744326679 [email protected]
Md. Sajjad Hossain Administrative Officer +8801719164643
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall
Dr. Md. Hassanur Rahman Hall Super +8801719468999 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Azizul Haque Assistant Hall Super +8801761106098 [email protected]
Mohammad Saifuddin Durud Assistant Hall Super +8801718604608 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Sadequl Islam Assistant Hall Super +8801721417598 [email protected]
Md. Kamran Ali Administrative Officer -
Sheikh Fazilatun Nessa Mujib Hall
Dr. Md. Abu Sayed Hall Super +8801715326270 [email protected]om
Md. Roknuzzaman Assistant Hall Super +8801711083545 [email protected]
Dipa Saha Assistant Hall Super +8801722079030 [email protected]
Maisha Fahmida Assistant Hall Super +8801737415041 [email protected]
Most. Habiba Khatun Administrative Officer +8801718443892 [email protected]
Ivy Rahman Hall
Prof. Rozina Yeasmin (Lucky) Hall Super +8801718127118 [email protected]
S.M. Kamrul Hasan Assistant Hall Super +8801712646107 [email protected]
Hasi Saha Assistant Hall Super +8801719042157 [email protected]
Nadira Sultana Administrative Officer +8801716697951
Kobi Sufia Kamal Hall
Prof. Dr. A.S.M. Kibria Hall Super +8801713163418 [email protected]
Most. Mohosena Aktar Assistant Hall Super +8801717219474 [email protected]
Kazi Nishad Sultana Assistant Accounts Officer +8801716902095
International Hall
Dr. Md. Jamaal Uddin Hall Super +8801716442883 [email protected]
IT Cell
Md. Mehedi Islam Co-ordinator +8801716239606 [email protected]
Engr. Md. Saikat Ali Network Engineer +8801717676689 [email protected]
Md. Walid Islam Computer Programmer +8801717589985 [email protected]
Md. Tanvir Rahman Junior Programmer +8801727319332 [email protected]
Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal Junior Programmer +8801763094121 [email protected]
Md. Atiqur Rahman Assistant Computer Programmer +8801711086080 [email protected]
Md. Ahmadul Hoque Assistant Network Engineer +8801737349069 [email protected]
Md. Rashedul Islam Assistant Computer Programmer +8801723595735 [email protected]
Md. Zulfikar Rahman Network Technician/Hardware Technician +8801714911168 [email protected]
Md. Ariful Islam Network Technician/Hardware Technician +8801704385353 [email protected]
Md. Ashiqur Rahman Network Technician/Hardware Technician +8801717330476 [email protected]
Md. Kamrul Huda Telephone Operator
Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
Prof. Dr. Bikash Chandra Sarker Director (Additional Charge) +8801715057609 [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Additional Director (Additional Charge) +8801716884939 [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Md. Shah Moinur Rahman Additional Director (Additional Charge) +8801716401962 [email protected]
Md. Rajib Mondol Section Officer +8801722488973 [email protected]
Amit Sarker Accounts Officer +8801750176248 [email protected]
Farmers' Service Center
Prof. Dr. M. Kamruzzaman Director,
Honorable Vice Chancellor of HSTU
+8801912980044 [email protected]
Jibon Chandra Roy Assistant Registrar +8801734829593 [email protected]
Dr. Mostak Ahmed Farm Manager (Dairy) +8801737887983 [email protected]
Md. Robioul Islam Section Officer +8801763202798
Career Advisory Service (CADS)
Dr. Md. Abu Sayed Director +8801715326270 [email protected]
Faculty office of the Post Graduate Studies
Prof. Dr. Fahima Khanom Dean +8801715650669 [email protected]
Md. Shakhawatul Kabir Chowdhury Deputy Registrar +8801717373236 [email protected]
Abul Basahar Md. Mamunur Rashid Section Officer +8801718274864 [email protected]
Mst. Rukshana Akter State Officer +8801771770107 [email protected]
Faculty Office of the Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Roushan Ara Dean +8801718675587 [email protected]
Kbd Mohammad Kajal Section Officer +8801722842413 [email protected]
Md. Ittahadul Islam Planning/Development Officer +8801700765276 [email protected]
Gulshana Parvin Administrative Officer +8801964107977
Md. Abdur Rahim Administrative Officer
(Department of Agricultural Chemistry)
Faculty office of the Computer Science & Engineering
Prof. Dr. Md. Mahabub Hossain Dean +8801716729015 [email protected]
Md. Sarwar Alam Chowdhury Assistant Registrar +8801713163375 [email protected]
Md. Razaul Islam Administrative Officer +8801715412294 [email protected]
Md. Alvi AL-Amin Administrative Officer +8801723972727 [email protected]
Kanij Parvin Administrative Officer +8801729103894
Faculty Office of the Business Studies
Prof. Md. Kutub Uddin Dean +8801712083786 [email protected]
Md. Mukhlasur Rahman Salafi (Ripon) Deputy Registrar +8801713163406 [email protected]
Mst. Mahabuba Sultana Assistant Registrar +8801718521111 [email protected]
Md. Ali Rumi Administrative Officer +8801740189216
Md. Mannan Chowdhury Khan Administrative Officer
(Deparment of Finance and Banking)
+8801706103960 [email protected]
Faculty office of the Engineering
Prof. Dr. Md. Sazzat Hossain Sarker Dean +8801705950003 [email protected]
Muhammad Rezaul Islam Sarkar Deputy Registrar +8801773646168 [email protected]
Md. Abdul Mazid Assistant Registrar +8801711233342 [email protected]
Noor Md. Ziaul Islam Assistant Registrar +8801761859408
Faculty office of the Fisheries
Prof. Dr. A.K.M Rohul Amin Dean +8801919433711 [email protected]
Md. Khadamul Islam Deputy Registrar +8801718488499 [email protected]
Sardar Osman Ghane Assistant Registrar +8801711953064 [email protected]
Ariful Haque Assistant Director +8801731990178
Karjon Saha Planning Development Officer +8801972200115 [email protected]
Mst. Selina Rahman Administrative Officer
Faculty office of the Veterinary & Animal Science
Prof. Dr. Tahera Yeasmin Dean +8801711469301 [email protected]
Md. Babulur Rashid Assistant Registrar +8801725207658
Md. Soyeb Sultan Administrative Officer +8801710944619
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman Jemy Veterinary Surgeon +8801719043863 [email protected]
Dr. Md. Hannan Ali Farm Manager (Poultry) +8801737426880 [email protected]
Faculty Office of the Science
Prof. Dr. Syeda Jahanara Afrose Dean +8801738118000 [email protected]
Kbd. Md. Shahidul Islam Assistant Registrar +8801718335933 [email protected]
Faculty office of Social Science and Humanities
Prof. Md. Nawsher Oan Dean +8801716872917 [email protected]
A.N.M. Imtiaz Hossain Assistant Registrar +8801736790325 [email protected]
Md. Mominul Islam Assistant Registrar +8801715672026 [email protected]
Rezawana Habib Section Officer +8801965368724
Guest House
Md. Mostafa Tarek Chowdhury Officer In charge (HSTU) +8801717620604
Dhaka Liaison Office & Guest House
Md. Shamsuzzoha Badsha Officer In charge Dhaka office cum Guest House +8801711479911 [email protected]
Md. Ujjal Karim Room Attendent +8801762921668
LAW Adviser Section
Advocate Md. Mahabubur Rashid Legal Adviser +8801712256319
HSTU School
Prof. Dr. Md. Khaled Hossain Director, HSTU School +8801706877533
Md. Abbasuzzaman Head Master +8801719540134 [email protected]
Rupali Bank Ltd, HSTU Branch, Dinajpur
Goutam Chandra Roy SPO & Manager +8801810684441 [email protected]
Meghna Bank Ltd, Chehelgazi Branch, Dinajpur
Md. Rashidul Islam Branch Manager +8801718964926 [email protected]